Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Abreu previews a new project in the On the Rocks Festival.


Whether you have a penchant for film or a desire to test out your creative filmmaking capabilities, Culture Y promises to be the venue in which you can express yourself. Co-founded by Alexis Gostelow and Alexandra Nicolae, Culture Y is a film festival dedicated to premiering student-created short films that showcase the diversity and artistic expression of the St Andrews student body.


Project Aims

The project is part of the On the Rocks Festival, and will adhere to the theme of “how an aspect of culture influences identity”. Culture Y aims to showcase the artistic, creative and diverse use of the medium of film. The name itself is a reference to the changes that have occurred from Generation Y onward. The project is one that encourages its participants to ask questions, and seeks to create a platform for innovative thinking in art, culture and society. Filmmaker or not, you will be challenged to explore key issues and themes through creative means.



Films submitted to the festival will be judged by a panel composed of faculty members and students, with awards given to those that are voted the best based on their artistic and compositional quality. There will also be an opportunity to win in the category of audience’s choice. In order for participants to reach their full potential, the festival will operate in conjunction with workshops before the screening event, in order to allow participating students to best produce their short films.


Get Involved!

No one has to be a “professional” filmmaker in order to participate – the organizers (together with the Film Society) will be there every step of the way to aid you in creating the best short film you can. For those interested in joining, Culture Y is collecting names of participants until February 12th. The final deadline for submissions will be at the end of March, to allow time to prepare the films for exhibition in the On the Rocks Festival in April.

Further information on Culture Y, film requirements and deadlines is available HERE and please do not hesitate to contact the team at culturey.filmfestival@gmail.com for any additional queries.


Rachel Abreu