Our Events Editor Wulang Derrida reviews St Andrews’ biggest fashion show.


For all the extra hard work and headache, FS 2017, which also marked its 25th anniversary, delivered yet another stunning event.


St Andrews was ready for the longest running fashion show in town on Saturday, only it got cancelled last minute, leaving everyone disappointed. My friends were Snapchatting and updating their Instagram stories as they were getting ready and pre-drinking for the event. These updates went from “Look we’re having a great time and about to have more fun” to varying messages expressing disappointment, anger and confusion. All of which were understandable, except a few blatantly rude comments. It was obviously a difficult decision to make by the committee and prioritising safety was definitely the right thing to do.

Thankfully, the event was not completely cancelled after all, as the committee rescheduled it to Tuesday. This solved most of the problem, because it meant that the event would go on, however, the day was Valentine’s Day, where practically almost everyone had booked their Fifty Shades tickets and dinner reservations somewhere, with their friends or significant others. By this time, what we witnessed was admirable solidarity from other fashion shows committees, urging everyone to attend the event, as it after all promised a fabulous evening for a good cause.


Despite the rumours of low attendance and everyone trying to refund or resell their tickets, the crowds were just as enthusiastic and zealous for the show, no signs of hesitation or a lack in euphoria among the guests. The models graced the runway in their fashionable clothing, the music filled the air setting the mood for dancing, the auction went successfully.

Yes, the number of attendees dropped. But somehow everyone who was there really wanted to be there and just really enjoying themselves. It is true that fashion feels entrenched in St Andrews from different angles and varying degrees of interest and expression, but after this unfortunate mishap faced by FS, it is a relief that what is ingrained is a sense of community and togetherness that brings support for each other. There should not be any reason not to look forward to FS next year and the year after, following the professionalism and integrity that they carry in handling such a nightmare.


Wulang Derrida