Gianluca Giammei reviews Glitterball, which he defines a friendly and enjoyable event which he would definitely like to attend again next year.


Glitterball was an event organized by Saints LGBT+ society where people danced and had fun all covered in glitter. Tickets collection ran smoothly and I was quite happy with the fact that we were given two little plastic bags of glitter to use to get ready for the night. I personally loved the silver glitter (which is still everywhere in my house and on people’s hair).

This year’s Glitterball took place at the Spanish Garden (9PM-2AM). Rainbow flags nicely decorated the venue. The floor was covered of stripes of all the rainbow colours, which were reflective on the big white tent in which the ball was organized. Moreover, there were strings in which small lights were attached giving the ball an even more glittery atmosphere.

The location was divided in two parts: bar and dancefloor. The “bar part” had two bars in which people could get drinks and on one angle there was the coat room, in the other angle the toilets could be found. Something that I wish they had were couches or chairs on which people could sit on, because at some point during the night everyone was just sitting on the floor. The dance floor was well set up, with a stage on which the bands and the drag queens performed. The stage had several colorful lights behind it, well in theme with the ball. The only problem there was with this set up was the incredible amount of lights, you know… sometimes when you dance you don’t want to be able to see everyone clearly.

The location overall was really well thought out, however I found the music given a bit disappointing. The bands that performed were talented and they were pleasant to listen to, however their music was hard to dance to. People were asking where Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift were, as I think they would have enjoyed the glitter a lot. The music got dancier when the bands left and the drag queens took the stage. Music easier to dance to was provided and way more people moved from the “bar part” to the dancefloor. I personally was super excited when Michael Jackson came on, but I might be a bit bias.

The drag queens did a really good job and their show was clearly enjoyed by everyone present. Something that I found extremely entertaining is that they have taken volunteers up on the stage to dance with them which people loved. It was a lot of fun to watch some of the guests dance “Bang Bang” by Jessie J and other songs together with the queens.

Overall, the hosts of the event were friendly and made it enjoyable for the guests. I think that Glitterball, apart from some of the music provided, and was a fun event that I would attend again next year. Something that I should mention is the excitement that people have felt when they were getting ready for the ball. It is really good to have a ball in which you can go crazy with your outfit and there is no limit whatsoever.


Gianluca Giammei
Photo Courtesy of Lightbox