Maya McDonald, our Fashion Editor, offers us an insight into Meryl Streep’s drama surrounding her carpet choice for the Academy Awards. Click below to read the whole article!


While most of you will be busy choosing your red carpet looks for the Don’t Walk Fashion Show, it seems that Meryl Streep has had some drama surrounding her red carpet choice for the 89th Academy Awards.

According to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, the Oscar Winner and Nominee refused to wear his design because Chanel does not pay actors to wear their garments. Lagerfeld has insinuated that the beloved actress called the production of his dress to a halt, claiming that the actress’ representatives expressed she was going to wear a designer who had agreed to pay her. So is it true? Maybe not.

While fashion houses often pay actors/actresses to wear their designs at high profile events, Streep’s representatives have asserted that to be paid for wearing a gown is against her moral code. In several statements, Streep’s stylist, Micaela Erlanger, has stated that such an exchange with Lagerfeld never took place. What’s interesting is that Chanel issued a statement which seemed to ‘walk back’ the claims of their designer and sounds almost like a thinly veiled apology. Tune into the Oscar live stream to tomorrow night to see who Meryl Streep chose to wear instead of Chanel!

See Chanel’s Statement Here:


Maya McDonald