Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Abreu previews one of many On the Rocks Festival events, hosted by Amnesty International Society.

On the 3rd of April at 9PM, Amnesty International Society will be showcasing musical talents as part of the On the Rocks Festival, in an event aptly named JAMnesty. The event will take place in Sandy’s Bar and showcase local musical talent, such as The Hummingbirds, Uklear Fusion and Bee Lucie Doksanka to name a few. A representative of the society has answered a few questions to let people know what to expect from the event, and why it will be one of many events worth going to during the festival.

What makes this event unique?

Amnesty International Society: As well as hosting some of the best musical talent that Saint Andrews has to offer, all the proceeds from JAMnesty will go towards helping Amnesty International continue its vital work advancing the cause of human rights around the world.


Share a hilarious backstage/behind the scenes story.

AIS: After a three hour, cancellation-blighted attempt to work out the set list, one of our committee members suggested a friend of hers who was a jazz pianist as one of the acts, just as we thought we had finished. [There were] surprisingly strong opinions regarding the suitability of this kind of act for the kind of event we were putting on. After about half an hour of arguing, involving one resignation threat, multiple threats of violence, one demand for “everyone to shut up now before I punch a cat”, and extensive use of the phrase “you rat coward”, we remembered that we couldn’t get a piano into Sandy’s anyway, and that the whole point was moot.


 What was the inspiration behind putting on this event/show?

AIS: Aside from wanting to keep up the legacy of a really successful JAMnesty last year, we were inspired by a desire to harness the immense musical talent on show at St Andrews in order to support a good cause.


 What challenges have you faced?

AIS: JAMnesty has a reputation as a mainstay of OTR, and is usually one of the biggest events that Amnesty Saint Andrews puts on every year. Our biggest challenge has been the pressure to live up to the high standards set by previous Amnesty committees by matching the success of Jamnestys gone by. You’ll have to let us know if we succeed!


 What should people look forward to?

AIS: A night of great music, that will hopefully not only entertain but inspire people to get involved in helping Amnesty International change the world.


Rachel Abreu