Our Culture Editor, Sarah Gharib, previews one of the On The Rocks festival events, Unspoken, hosted by Medsin St Andrews.

On the 3rd of April at 6PM, at Deans Court, Medsin St Andrews will host their event, Unspoken, a mental health arts exhibition. ‘Unspoken’ seeks to explore the stigma that leads to silence around mental health issues. By incorporating a photography exhibition, poetry and live music from Music is Love, they will address the impacts of depression and anxiety on adolescents and the elderly. Their speaker, Mr Graham Morgan MBE, will open the event with a fascinating insight into the role of silence in depression and its influence on the high rates of male suicide.

What makes this event unique?

Medsin: The creation of a multi-media exhibition means there’s something for everyone about a topic that impacts us all.

Why did you choose this venue?

M: The venue is cosy and relaxed so encourages interaction with the performers and allows thorough exploration of the art on display.

What was the inspiration behind putting on this event?

M: After listening to fantastic talks by both students and charities trying to break the stigma that has affected them personally, we thought that we could expand on their experiences by exploring the depression and anxiety through music and art.

What should people be looking out for?

M: Look out for our submissions deadline. We’re hoping to get as many photos, pieces of art and poems as possible! If you want to contribute, send your work to standrews@medsin.org. This is an open submission for all art forms focusing on themes including: depression, anxiety, isolation and emotional reactions to the current stigma around these issues. Artwork will be collected at 150 North Street on Friday 31st March prior to the event. Moreover, look forward to a relaxed evening of music and discussion.

What three words best sum up your show?

M: Relaxed. Creative. Thought-provoking.



Sarah Gharib