Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Abreu reviews the Blue Angels’ 10th Anniversary Gala, their biggest dance showcase.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, competitive dance team the Blue Angels held a gala on the 28th of March to showcase the team’s talent. The gala included various dance numbers, showcasing the dance styles of ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. The show went above and beyond any expectations one might have about student led endeavours, and was something very professional and quite magnificent.

Sophie Rao

Sophie Rao

Although the gala was a celebration of the team’s 10-year achievements, the atmosphere of the event was kept quite minimal, pouring all the focus into the dances. Numbers were interrupted only by brief interviews with the choreographers, and overall the show ran smoothly. From the opening tap number to the lyrical and ballet numbers, all pieces performed showcased just how talented every member of the team is. Each piece was highly technical and delivered a story. There were no filler dances or “just for fun” dances intended to amuse the audience for just a few minutes – it was clear that so much hard work, thought and effort was poured into every single dance.


Indeed, the audience stayed very involved throughout the show – cheering throughout the dances and offering huge rounds of applause at every chance. It is very hard to single out a standout performance, as all the dances had a different vibe and story to tell. Nevertheless I must point out that the audience response to the advanced performances was loud and clear, which is just a testament to how hard these dancers have worked throughout their Blue Angels careers.

Culminating in a brief tribute to the Blue Angels graduates, the Gala was truly a celebration in every sense. It was a celebration of the undoubted talent and commitment of the dancers, and of the art of dance itself. All in all, the Blue Angels have delivered yet another fantastic show, and I have nothing but praise to offer for this event.


Rachel Abreu