Featured Travel writer John Silver brings to us another one of his fun quizzes…with a hint of fortune telling to boot. Where DID you go over spring break?

By John Silver


Answer these ten questions (keep a note of the number corresponding to your answer) and see if The Tribe can guess correctly…

I. What was the temperature like?

  1. Icy
  2. Colder than expected
  3. Pleasant
  4. Beach weather
  5. Boiling Hot

II. Which colour is most evocative of your experience?

  1. White
  2. Royal Blue
  3. Green
  4. Sandy yellow
  5. RED

III. What was the most striking animal/type of animal you saw?

  1. A polar bear
  3. Wild deer or maybe a muntjac
  4. A beautiful turtle
  5. Lizards

IV. How was the food?

  1. Frozen
  2. Amazing
  3. As expected
  4. Do you mean alcohol?
  5. Minimal or very luxurious

V. How did you feel when you got back?

  1. Refreshed
  2. Culturally satisfied
  3. Relaxed and ready for a new semester
  4. Hung over
  5. Sunburnt

VI. What was the first thing you did when you arrived?

  1. Admired the scenery
  2. Got slightly lost
  3. Drifted around some fields
  4. A shot of tequila
  5. Either began my first hike or went shopping

VII. If you could pick a song to sum up your experience, would it be one of these?

  1. Snow Patrol – Run
  2. Django Reinhart – Honeysuckle Rose
  3. The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon
  4. Rihanna – Work
  5. Either The Doors – The End or The Chain-smokers – Paris

VIII. Who was the most memorable person (or people) you met?

  1. Hot ski instructor
  2. Some seedy youth-hostel residents
  3. Cute Air B&B old couple
  4. Hmm….
  5. Either a hermit of sorts or a billionaire

IX. Choose a word (i.e some Freudian free association)

  1. Pine
  2. Egypt
  3. Wordsworth
  4. Sombrero
  5. Skull

X. Which Kandinsky painting most sums up your experience?

  1. Cossacks (1910-11)
  2. Kandinsky is great but I’d say more Picasso this time…
  3. Pond in the Park (1906)
  4. Squares with concentric circles (1917)
  5. Fragments (1943)



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Mostly A’s: Skiing – How sporty of you. In Europe or further afield – will not try and be more specific than that. Sylvia Plath would approve (although probably also mutter under her breath that it’s all the same wherever you are … )


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Mostly B’s: Madrid! An oddly specific answer you may think? But it was the number one place to be this spring break, so to be honest, it’s more of a surprise if you weren’t there.


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Mostly C’s: An English or Scottish road trip. Quite possibly the most logical way to spend spring break – it’s the perfect length and time of year to see some hills, cathedrals, a daffodil or two and possibly even a muntjac (the best British animal).


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Mostly D’s: Drinking in Mexico. The true college-style spring break.

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Mostly E’s: The Middle East – The adventurous choice. Living it up in Dubai or camping in the deserts of Jordan (amongst ancient castles)? I’ll let your answer remain mysterious.