The Tribe is looking for an amazing new editorial team!


This is a great way to get involved in the journalism and arts scene at St Andrews and we’re looking for a team of committed, creative people with an interest (there’s no minimum level of experience!) in journalistic and creative writing, editing, social media, and culture. Positions range from the traditionally editorial to more managerial, read through the list below to see what works best for you.


Send your CV and 300 words on why you’d be great for the job to by Saturday 15 April. 

Questions? Email Alexandra Rego at aar6 for details.


Open positions are:


Deputy Editor– the unofficial business manager and Vice President (of a sort) for the Tribe, liaising with all section editors to make sure the infrastructure of the magazine runs smoothly, as well as working on logistics for events and budgeting.


Web Editor– *experience in coding or a personal blog is a plus* as Web Editor, your job is to make sure that our website and Facebook page as well as all editorial email accounts are up-to-date and running smoothly. Any changes to the website will occur under your creative direction, and you’ll ensure that our website looks and remains professional, clean, and engaging.


Social Media Manager– as Social Media Manager, your main job is to consistently update and maintain our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, keeping continuity between all three accounts and uploading fresh and fun content on a daily basis, liaising with the Web Editor regarding any larger changes you’d like to see made.


Copy Editor– live for semi-colons? Feel particularly emotional about a well placed predicate nominative? Know what either of those two phrases are? Hate when people end a sentence with a preposition? Your job as our copy editor is to spot check all content for grammatical and continuity errors, so if you answered yes to all three of those questions, your dream job is just an email away…


Creative Writing Editor– this job involves liaising with relevant societies and bodies to call for creative collaborations and submissions as well as edit and manage creative submissions ranging from poetry to prose to creative non-fiction.


Art and Photography Editor– *experience with Photoshop a plus* Managing and publicising various creative visual art submissions. Uploading and formatting these on our website, liaising with the Web Editor to ensure proper pixellation and adjustment.


News Editor– managing a team of three subsection editors (Politics, Perspective, and Sports) to ensure weekly relevant content.


Film/TV Editor– publishing weekly articles ranging from reviews of movies and TV shows to longer, more analytical submissions. Recruit and manage a team of contributing writers.


On the Road (travel) Editor– publishing weekly articles ranging from travel tips to experiential posts. Recruit and manage a team of contributing writers.


Love, Sex, and Relationships Editor– publishing weekly articles ranging from advice to opinion-editorial pieces, managing a team of motivated writers to ensure a diverse range of opinions within this broader subject, liaising with relevant societies as is necessary. Recruit and manage a team of contributing writers.


Sports Editor– timely publication of relevant content and ensuring its social media distribution to related societies and groups. Recruit and manage a team of contributing writers.


Politics Editor– publishing time-sensitive and weekly content covering global and domestic politics. Recruit and manage a team of contributing writers.


Perspectives Editor– publishing weekly content, typically opinion-editorial pieces of various topics.


Events Editor– liaising with our Lifestyle editor and relevant societies to assign timely events reviews to a team of motivated writers with a passion for events reviewing.