Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Abreu reviews Amnesty International Society’s annual musical event.

On April 3rd, as part of the On the Rocks Festival, Amnesty International Society held perhaps one of their biggest events of the year: JAMnesty. An annual gathering of local musical talent, JAMnesty was an opportunity to wind down on a Monday night, while listening to the different musical styles that St Andrews has on offer.

One of the most notable things about the event was how smoothly it was run. The event began promptly, with the venue (Sandy’s Bar) already filled with a bustling audience. From then on, the audience was treated to a total of six musical performances, with each act performing for about half an hour each, interrupted only by a quick raffle after the third act. The general atmosphere of the event was quite casual, with a set-up that seemed more like an open-mic rather than a formal concert. This atmosphere actually played to the event’s favour, as acts and audience members could interact freely.

While the event showcased a range of different musical styles, some notable crowd favourites were famed a cappella group The Hummingbirds, and Ukulear Fusion, a band that performed some unconventional ukulele covers, from Gwen Stefani’s ‘The Sweet Escape’ to Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’. All in all, every act had something different to offer, keeping the event from becoming monotonous despite its long run time.

I’m sure the other audience members will agree: one cannot go wrong with this sort of event. The opportunity to watch such amazing musical talent all in the name of a good cause is one that should not be missed. If you missed it at this year’s OTR Festival, be sure to keep it in mind for next year!

Rachel Abreu