Interested in Culture? Or maybe wondering what people actually mean when they talk about “culture”? Meet our Culture Editor, Alice Roberts, a rising fourth year in English and Philosophy, who is probably just as curious as you. 


So what is culture? Who knows really; it’s a chameleon-like word that adapts to what it’s used to refer to. It can mean almost any specific way of life, be an expression of value or be a sort of aesthetic judgement. I suppose that means I don’t really know what I’m editor of. However as far as The Tribe is concerned, culture involves Creative Writing, Film, Books, Theatre, Photography and Art.


It wasn’t too long ago that ‘culture’ and the Western bourgeois idea of high culture were synonymous. Virginia Woolf was one of the first to question this equivocation – she was critical of Clive Bell’s essay “Civilization” and the idealisation within Bloomsbury of what they saw as high art. Very soon after that everything changed. In the art world we saw the rise of Fauvism and Cubism inspired by African art in the 1920’s/30’s and then Pop Art and the use of mass media images in the 1950’s. The line between high culture and low culture (as traditionally conceived) was blurred from then onwards – thank god. Nowadays, culture seems to stand for creativity in general – a very human, dynamic sense of things, both expressing and commenting on the world, and little by little changing how it all falls together.


Therefore, as a general vibe, something along the lines of creative diversity would be ideal for the culture section of The Tribe: a range of writers, displaying a range of creative mediums and variety of opinions on books, films and theatre. It would be wonderful to be able to express the specific cultural outlook of St Andrews and also help St Andrews be in touch with publications, cinema and theatre releases etc. as they happen in the rest of the world.


Also, this is meant to be an introductory article, and I probably shouldn’t put off the introducing part any longer… My name is Alice Roberts and I am now in fourth year studying English and Philosophy. For 2017-18, I hope to maintain The Tribe’s reputation as St Andrew’s most prominent Arts-based publication and have work published more frequently in the Photography and Creative Writing sections. I’m really looking forward to reading your articles and hearing your opinions – at The Tribe we are very into preserving the voice of the individual and expressing an array of different perspectives.  Some sections will also be running competitions for the best creative pieces and most viewed articles, so if you would like the chance of winning a bottle of wine, stay tuned.


We are also looking for staff writers to have their own columns. If you are passionate about a certain genre of novel, film or would like to contribute your creative work regularly, we would love to hear from you! There is also the option of releasing a short story in parts (aka Victorian serialisation) or a series of paintings/photographs in parts. I would be very interested to hear any other ideas you have, about individual articles, the structure of the culture section or anything else! (Especially if you can come up with any coherent idea of what culture is…)


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