Interested in Travel, Food (who isn’t), or Events on campus? Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel is here to welcome articles covering these and more. 


Does life really imitate art? While the Lifestyle section is not dedicated to unpacking philosophical ideas, I think it is fair to say that the writing we feature here looks far beyond the mundane ongoings of everyday life. Broken down into five categories of Fashion, Food, Travel, Events and Love, Sex and Relationships; the Lifestyle section aims to showcase articles from the respective categories that highlight the new, stimulate thought, and urge you to explore — something we all feel the need to do sometimes in this bubble of a town. Want to know about up and coming fashion trends? Looking for a way to spice up those student meals? Or maybe it’s a new travel destination you’re needing? You’ll find it all here.


But before I get ahead of myself, let me introduce myself. (Writing this introductory article is an all too familiar process for me, so apologies if you’ve heard this spiel before). My name is Rachel Abreu and I am your returning Lifestyle Editor for the upcoming school year. I have an undying love for anything fashion and beauty related, and I have been contributing to this section since I submitted my first article to the publication in 2014. Having divided my life between the sunny islands of the Philippines and this charming little Scottish town, I’ve had the chance to experience such contrasting lifestyles — from food to fashion to everything in between — something which I think makes the position of Lifestyle Editor so fitting. When I’m not writing for The Tribe, you’ll find me working on my music or in the water. Swimming, surfing, you name it, I’m down!


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So what can you look forward to in this section for the upcoming school year? Aside from the usual travel accounts and event reviews, we’re hoping to publish more constant columns in each section, highlighting the lifestyles of the student body. For such a fashion-conscious university, there still seems to be a lack of focus on the distinct personal styles of individuals, something which the Fashion section hopes to bring front and center this year. The food section will continue to bring you recipes and restaurant recommendations, venturing out of St Andrews from time to time, for those who have exhausted the food scene here. For people who think they’ve seen and done it all, the Travel and Events sections will help fill your calendar with an eclectic mix of activities and travel destinations. Finally, our Love, Sex and Relationships section will be in its sophomore year, and will continue to provide some of our more challenging, thought-provoking articles, encouraging much discussion as usual. We’ve got such a mix of lovely, engaging people running the Lifestyle sub-sections this year, so you’re sure to find something worthy of a read!


As for myself, aside from behind-the-scenes administrative work, I am looking forward to contributing more of my own articles to the Lifestyle section as a whole, and plan to become much more involved with our readers. If you catch a tiny person accosting your peers for interviews, that will probably be me, wanting to spotlight notable individuals for an article (please just play along). I also very much enjoy attending and covering live music events around Scotland, so keep an eye out for some recommendations from me!


What’s more, now that the team has added a social media contributor, this year looks to be the most student-focused and interactive year yet. We’ll be out and about looking for interesting dressers, diners, creators, travellers and the like, so even if you’re not writing for us, you will definitely be much more involved in this section of the publication!


Like always, the Lifestyle section is always open to suggestions, so if you’re interested in writing for us or simply want to share some ideas, feel free to send a message to




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