Our Music Editor, Sarah Gharib, is super excited to hear (quite literally) from you this year! Here’s what she’s been listening to this summer : 


Hello and welcome to the Music sub-section of The Tribe!

My name is Sarah Gharib and I’m this year’s Music editor! I’m a fourth year IR student, and I’m from the sunny (and beautiful) city of Cairo, Egypt. I was previously both the music sub-editor and the Culture editor for the past couple of years, and I’m so excited to work with our wonderful and diverse group of editors to explore music both within and outside of St Andrews!


To introduce myself to you in the best way, and in a twist on one of our regular columns, I’d like to tell you 6 things I’m listening to this summer as I’m stuck in the constant Cairo traffic (see below for what days look like stuck there).

cairo traffic jam


Perfect Places – Lorde

Off her upcoming album, Melodrama, Lorde’s new single is a bit nostalgic as we go into summer and away from the insane social schedule of St Andrews. Personally,  my summers back home in Cairo tend to be so much less chaotic than back in the bubble, and this song has been an interesting soundtrack for the transition from one to the other.


Heebiejeebies – Aminé ft. Kehlani

For me, Kehlani can do no wrong. She’s the only artist in my three years at St Andrews that I’ve trekked to Glasgow to see, and she did not disappoint – surprisingly, she made me love her music even more.  This song is corny and super cheesy, but it’s come to be one of my favorite songs to be stuck in traffic to. The song manages to show the musicality of both artists, with them coexisting on a track with such an infectious beat that you won’t be able to get it out of your head.


White Ferrari – Frank Ocean

White Ferrari has been a constant on any playlist of mine since blonde came out, and it’s without a doubt a summer song. A slow and burning ballad, with a cribbed inspiration from the Beatles’ Here, There and Everywhere, this track is what makes it stand out to me as one of blonde’s best, and hits you right in the gut when you listen to it at the end of your summer.


Rollin – Calvin Harris, Future, Khalid

Rollin follows Calvin Harris’ Slide and Heatstroke as singles off his upcoming album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 (not kidding, it’s actually called that), and marks a clear transition from his pop-EDM, that characterized Motion and his previous albums, to more R&B- and rap-inspired tracks. A nonchalant ode to a cruise down a highway (something you don’t quite get in Cairo unless it’s 5AM), the unlikely duo of Khalid and Future trade verses and complement each other impeccably. His new album, with a roster including Kehlani, Travis Scott, PartyNextDoor, John Legend and Snoop Dogg, is sure to be one that you’ll hear wherever you are this summer.


Monsoon – Amber Mark ft. Mia Mark

Dedicated to her late mother, and released on the anniversary of her passing, Amber Mark’s bittersweet track is a sad one where she wanders the streets she explored with her mother. An achingly beautiful tribute, this song made me call my mother the first time I listened to it.


Right Now – HAIM

An understated, at first underwhelming, and beautifully casual comeback song for HAIM, four years after Days Are Gone. I would recommend watching the video when listening to it for the first time – it’s nothing impressive in its filming as it’s simply just them in the studio playing the record. However, getting to see them in their element – Danielle growling through the lines, Alana and Este flawlessly switching instruments, Este’s infamous bass face even makes an appearance – truly brings the song to life. The song builds up quickly, moving from a solo by Danielle to a full track with all three sisters, and even if it’s not your expected summer HAIM track, it’s a song I would recommend checking out ahead of their upcoming new album.


I’d also like to tell you some of the things I’m excited about that we’re bringing to you in the music sub-section this upcoming year!

I’m excited to explore different collaborations with our sections of the magazine.  There have been a few collaborations that have been discussed in previous years that I’d love to see happen, such as ones between the music and fashion sub-sections, or the music and politics ones, that would give us some great insight on how these two areas have influenced each other over the years.

Another thing is that we have such an international group of students here in St Andrews and I would love to have reviews and introductory articles to different music genres and artists from all around the world! I would love to be able to increase the diversity and range of music that we review here at The Tribe. I would love to see more reviews of classical music, opera and more importantly, local St Andrews talent, and especially trying to spotlight these musicians that are part of the music scene in St Andrews.

I am also excited to create some new columns for our music section, as well as continue some of our already established columns, such as the “5 Things To Listen To This Week” column, and see them evolve. Music is special in the way that it can bring people together, and I would love to have insight from you on what you’re listening to, what you enjoy, and what it means to you!

Looking forward to the upcoming year!