Interested in Sports? Our Editor-in-Chief claims roughly zero knowledge on the topic, but here to provide ongoing expertise and enthusiasm is our Sports Editor, Claire!


My name is Claire Fenerty, and I am this year’s Sports Editor for The Tribe. In my experience with sports, I have felt every nuance of the team politics, organizational thunderstorms, great wins, and devastating losses that make participating in athletic activities so addicting for athletes and viewers alike. As the 2017-2018 Sports Editor, I hope to bring in a new perspective to sports at St Andrews. This year I will delve into the most controversial topics and issues with the sports leaders and players on campus related to the experience of playing, watching, or preparing for an athletic event; the successes and failures of intense sporting politics; and some good old fashioned reporting from the side lines. The goal for Sports at The Tribe: get people involved, informed, and excited about sports in St Andrews and beyond the far edges of The Bubble.


I am an English and Psychology student going into my second year, and I hail from sunny San Francisco, California. This means that I may or may not be lying about the number of layers I am wearing, even when it is “not even that cold outside.” I am an avid reader, writer, and TV-devourer. I also happen to adore dogs, and I have a curious fascination with bees and beekeeping. And of course, athletic involvement has always been an important part of my life, from testing the waters as a multi-talented lacrosse-football-softball-basketball-tennis player in my earlier years to settling down as a volleyball player and coach in middle school and early high school. Following this there may have been some brief stints in rowing and water polo, and now I have settled down once again with the St Andrews Volleyball Club. Although I have participated in such a wide range of sports (even though some of these sports were, I reiterate for emphasis, “brief stints”), I constantly find myself introduced to new sports and games as I become more involved in athletics at St Andrews.


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I have a lot of questions about sports culture and organization in St Andrews and elsewhere, and I believe that readers of The Tribe will share my curiosities. You do not have to be keen on participating in sports to wonder about things like the process of introducing a new sports club to St Andrews, who came up with the name korfball, and which European football club to put your money on. This year I aim to establish the Sports Section of The Tribe as a place that engages the extensive sporting knowledge of the well-rounded athlete without compromising the section’s accessibility to the broader student population. You can expect in-depth interviews with essential sport organizers and clubs; information on the what, where, when, and why of this academic year’s most anticipated athletic matches; and speedy coverage of Saints Sporting events. And with such a diverse and plentiful variety of activities, how can students discern which is the right place for them? Part of my job this year will be to spread awareness of the broad and wide-ranging selection of sports teams and clubs at St Andrews, allowing students to find the activity, the friends, and the club to which they belong. With help from the committed voices of our contributing writers and editors, we can work together to encourage athletic participation and foster a sense of broader school spirit, together.


If you are interested in writing for The Tribe Sports, do not hesitate to get in touch! I am reachable over Facebook private message or by email at Writers with lots of ideas, opinions, energy, excitement, and a willingness to engage with sports reporting and discussion are all encouraged to submit their works for publication at any point throughout the year. I am already looking forward to working alongside student writers and readers to make this year’s Sports Section at The Tribe better than ever! Go saints!