For an event showcasing one of the most hotly anticipated charity experiences in St Andrews, check out DON’T WALK’s Freshers offering: a cocktail and club night with an invitingly elegant tone. 


Some of the most popular and glamorous events in St Andrews often air on the side of the traditional. DONT WALK, one of the University’s largest charity fashion shows, is no exception, but don’t discount it for how unique and creative it actually is. This collaborative, multimedia endeavour produces one of the University’s biggest fashion shows, complete with music, choreography, and, of course, beautiful clothes!


DON’T WALK was creatively conceived as a means of unification in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a creative and political endeavour meant to generate poignant and important conversations as they came up. Operating on an innovative basis of the very idea of the unconventional, DON’T WALK prides itself on diversity, acceptance, and the very idea of progress. Every year’s creative concept and show displays a different approach to these foundational ideas, and as a high-revenue charitable endeavour, a benevolent and outwards-looking base underlies all the charity event aims to do.


This year, DONT WALK will be holding a launch event at one of the classiest venues in town, the Adamson, a craft cocktail bar and kitchen that often plays host to a variety of similarly minded St Andrews events from magazine launches to musical nights.


DON’T WALK is keen to provide a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment to kick off what will inevitably by another successful year of fundraising, planning, and charity work. Events like these for any freshers reading, are elegant, inviting, and for many, the bread and butter of what social life in St Andrews can be.


The DONT WALK Freshers Week launch event will be on Wednesday 13th September, starting at the Adamson and ultimately building up to a night at the Vic (which is just a street over). The event at the Adamson is a cocktail evening from 6pm ’til late. It will have an overall jazz-inspired ambiance so be assured that the night will be relatively relaxed. There is no dress code, or expectation.


This is not a ticketed event and entry is free. The first two hours of music will be a live acoustic performer, followed by a jazz and blues mix by a DJ who is to be confirmed. The Adamson is providing a special DW £5 cocktail menu, and a blind tasting for guests upon arrival. Every attendee will receive a complimentary Grappa Negroni, and a spirit vendor is confirmed to do a pop-up tasting.


Later that evening the event will trickle to a night out at the Vic; entry here will be £5 on the door and will end at 2am. This event will be DJ’d by BMP collective music as a collaboration with DW. For students looking for a slightly more intimate night out at Freshers, this event will undoubtedly suit. The Adamson is large enough to host a diverse group, but small enough to ensure that the committee and attendees will have ample space for dancing, drinks and discourse.


Being involved with DW whether as a member of committee, model, or merely attendee is a great way to get involved with charity, art, fashion, and management at St Andrews. Students of all academic and extracurricular backgrounds are encouraged to attend and help DW kick off another successful year.


Interested in more of what DON’T WALK has to say? Check out their website here: