Staff writer Anna Tumblety brings us a review of the recent Charities Campaign event, which celebrated a year of successful fundraising for various causes. 


After another busy and successful year of charity fundraisers from MasqueRaves to Catwalks, bake-sales to Race2 charity hitchhikes, the dedication to helping others is evermore engraved within the many events hosted day and night in St Andrews. The St Andrews Charities Campaign, the umbrella organisation connecting various student-led charity committees of the University, hosted an evening of celebration.


On Thursday, charity campaigners around St Andrews finally came together in the Beacon Bar to celebrate the past year, one of hard work and dedicated fundraising, which culminates in truly helping those in need. Looking out onto the backdrop of Market Street; the intimate crowd, enjoying their hot drinks and biscuits on arrival, came together with a welcoming chatter awaiting the presentation of the much anticipated ‘over-sized cheques’.


As a united front, the total amount of money raised over the course of last year’s campaigning was a staggering £73,726.35.


This was, of course, split amongst the three charities as elected by the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign last year; Women for Women International, Anthony Nolan and Frontline Fife. The international, national, and local nominated charities respectively were each presented with their large cheque of £24,575.45, which also provided a fab photo-opportunity for committees with mascot Rory McLion and the presenter of the evening, Jamie Minns. The evening was successful in commending fundraisers for their achievement and their underlying drive to help others.

courtesy of St Andrews Charities Campaigns

courtesy of St Andrews Charities Campaigns

The exposure the elected charities received over the year showcased the ability St Andrews has to come together to raise awareness and shed light on the work of these amazing charities. This ability to raise so much money for well deserving causes promises to continue with the years ahead, especially within the charities the campaign will support in the future.


The event began to wind down after spokespersons for the three charities thanked and explained how the money raised will directly help those most deserving (if you want to find out more about these fantastic charities visit their websites below). The casual atmosphere slowly filtered out just as the new crowd for the Race2Barcelona 2018 campaign began excitedly gathering outside. As attendees of the presentation left they passed those queueing to be part of the next bunch of racers anxiously waiting and trying to come up with the best original, pun-fueled team name there can be (even if you do end up being team Czech Mates #3 when racing to Prague …). This nicely rounded off the fact that this little town’s attitude to aiding others and fundraising for charity will keep going on and on, year after year, with no goal seeming too grand for our Fife coastal home.