Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel addresses what some consider to be the most baffling trend in beauty today, popularised in many respects by beauty icon and mogul Kim Kardashian West: the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. 


In the age of social media, there’s always a new beauty trend to discover. Be it the overlined “Kylie Lip”, metallic eyelids, or holographic highlighters, social media influencers have opened the door to countless experimental makeup looks. But what about those who prefer a more minimalist take on makeup? Luckily, there are also a handful of tried and tested brands out there to cater to a simpler aesthetic, some of which I believe deserve a second look.


Perricone MD



This brand’s makeup line is actually called “No Makeup” Makeup, so of course it deserved a mention on this list. A common trend with all the brands on this list is that the makeup shouldn’t cover your imperfections, but actually work as skin care to help treat your problem areas, and Perricone MD is no exception. In fact, this brand claims that it’s even better than wearing nothing at all, because it will actually do wonders for your skin.


Recommended Products: No Bronzer Bronzer, No Mascara Mascara, No Foundation Foundation Serum

RMS Beauty


Formulated with raw, food-grade and organic ingredients, RMS Beauty is a line that considers itself as “skin care with mineral colour”. The products are fuss-free and perfect for on-the-go application, and you never have to worry about looking like you have too much on. The brand’s focus is on clear, dewy, glowy skin that doesn’t require any expertise.


Recommended Products: “Un” Cover-Up Concealer, Lip2Cheek, Living Luminizer.

Make Beauty


This is a brand that loves all things trendy, but still provides people with products that actually work. Take, for example, the Moonlight Primer in a translucent black hue that protects skin from the effects of harmful artificial light. With many products formulated to work with the heat on your skin, each product promises to be universally flattering, plus there’s absolutely no need for any tools in application – just your hands!


Recommended Products: Moonlight Primer, The Universal Stick, Dew Pot



With all the hype this brand has generated on social media, I believe Glossier needs no further introduction. This cool-girl brand goes by the motto “Skin First, Makeup Second”, and their products cater to those who want almost undetectable makeup looks. From its name, you can already tell that Glossier is all about the dew, and indeed their products provide some coverage and colour, but still preserve the look and texture of real skin.


Recommended Products: Perfecting Skin Tint, Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, Wowder


Jillian Dempsey


While Jillian Dempsey’s line currently only carries eye products, her brand provides proof that the “no makeup” look can work even on the red carpet. Her Lid Tints have earned her a celebrity following, with clients such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart. Try out her products for a “lived-in” look that still screams glamorous.


Recommended Products: Lid Tints in Bronze, Plum and Glimmer.