Our Lifestyle Editor, Rachel, is here to help anyone suffering what is probably the most common fashion quandary in St Andrews: how to look cute while suffering from the cold. 


I’ve been living in St Andrews for almost four years now, and somehow the weather continues to surprise me. Grey skies don’t necessarily translate to cold weather, and sometimes the sun does decide to grace us with its presence but at single-digit temperatures. So how does one dress in this weird transition period between summer and fall? How can we hang on to the remnants of those warm(ish) summer days while still staying cosy? Here are a few pieces you might consider investing in:


Cropped Wide Sleeve Hoodie

Contrary to popular belief, yellow actually makes for a great transition colour from summer to fall. While at first glance it screams summer and sunshine, this hue also looks great against the warm tones of fall foliage. As for the style of this piece, a hoodie will obviously keep you nice and warm, but the cropped style and wide sleeves make it a breezier alternative to your basic jumper.

(Monki, £25. Buy it here: goo.gl/uDo88E)



Long-Sleeved Mesh Top

For the longest time I didn’t know what use shirts like these could possibly have. What was the point of having a long-sleeved top if it was just going to reveal everything anyway? But mesh tops are actually great layering pieces for unpredictable weather. Wear them under graphic tees to extend their use past warm summer days, or use them under jumpers when the weather isn’t quite cold enough for cotton or jersey.


(Boohoo, £10. Buy it here: goo.gl/pNMZdL)

mesh top


Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans have been super trendy this year and it’s easy to see why. The relaxed silhouette doesn’t feel as constricting as skinny jeans, and the loose legs make it very easy to layer a pair of tights underneath without ruining the fit of the jeans. Perfectly paired with trainers or boots for when it gets colder, if you don’t have a pair of these in your closet already, get on it!

(STYLENANDA, £26. Buy it here: goo.gl/qBajKW)



Duster Coat

Not quite as thick as a full-blown coat, but still better than nothing, a duster coat is the perfect alternative for warm days that threaten to turn windy, or simply as a cover up for nights out. Duster coats are great for transitioning into fall because you still get some protection against harsher weather, but if the weather warms up, the material is thin enough for you to just roll the coat up and stuff it into your bag.


(Nobody’s Child, £18. Buy it here: goo.gl/NKTQfH)



Vinyl Jacket


Sometimes you just can’t fight the cold, wet, and utterly dreary Scottish weather, but you can hang on to those summer vibes with a pop of colour! This bright red jacket is definitely a statement piece to say the least. It will not only add a pop of colour to a grey day, but you’ll also find that raindrops will roll right off the vinyl material. (I have this in black and can confirm that it does, indeed, protect me against the rain).

(Eggie, £46. Buy it here: goo.gl/3jK9tF)




This last item might seem like a no-brainer, but I thought I’d go ahead and put it in anyway, because tights are all you need to take all your summer favourites straight through to winter. Sundresses, mini-skirts, shorts, ripped jeans – you name it – tights come in so many styles that you’re sure to find something that will help keep you warm in those summer pieces you desperately can’t let go of. You can buy these literally anywhere, but for fishnets or a variety of colours, ASOS and Monki are your best bet.

(ASOS, £6. Buy it here: goo.gl/GPc4j2)