Ashley Llewellyn reviews student charity fashion show DON’T WALK. 


I think it’s fair to say that DON’T WALK is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year – and this year’s event definitely went above and beyond expectations.


Upon walking into the tent, you were met with projected videos of space and stars (very fitting with the theme of Ground Control), free-flowing champagne on the lit tables, and of course, the memorable neon blue DON’T WALK signs at the entrance that nearly everyone stopped to snap a photo with. The whole venue, and event, was elegant and edgy at the same time.

A few minutes past 8, the lights dimmed, the music came to a halt, and the show started. When the beat dropped and the first model walked out onto the stage, the crowd went wild – dancing and screaming as the first few models strutted out onto the stage in stunning red designs.


The models were one of the best parts of the show (aside from the actual designs, which were incredible) – they were beautiful, confident, and seemed to be truly proud of wearing the designs. In classic model style, each person had a neutral face as they walked down the runway, but as their friends cheered them on from the sides, shouting their names and holding up their hands, a few of them broke out in wide grins – and their happiness and excitement was infectious.


Some designs were edgy and intricate, whilst others were clean-cut and traditional, but each outfit always had a bit of a twist. One particularly memorable feature on most of the female models was the glittered hair – the front sides were slicked back and brushed with glitter which glinted beautifully every time the strobe lights flashed. The stunning mix of colors, textures, and fabrics in all of the pieces were refreshing and incredible. Additionally, the slightly eerie techno music went along perfectly with the designs, and kept the crowd dancing for the entire show.

The second half of the show was daring and bold, the models wore intricate lingerie and underwear, some were playful – a short pastel blue-green night slip, and others were daring all-black sultry looks. There were also incredible dresses with full faces on the front and hair patterns on the back, and one even included dangling oversized sunglasses that fit perfectly over the face on the dress. Models downed drinks offered by cheering individuals on the sides of the stage and playfully danced with each other down the runway near the end of the show.


One drawback I do have to mention was definitely the toilets. There were maybe 15 or 20 port-a-potties outside for all of the non-VIP guests – and having to wait outside in the freezing cold for nearly twenty minutes was quite terrible. As one girl beside me in the queue eloquently put it, “I didn’t pay £90 for this!”


But aside from that one inconvenience, DON’T WALK 2018 was truly amazing. The entire event was extremely well-executed and the fashion was incredible. DON’T WALK was the first fashion show I’ve attended in St Andrews, and I can say with certainty that I’ll definitely be back next year!