To aid you in the everlasting search for new music, The Tribe has decided to publish the playlists of a select few with the best music taste that St Andrews has to offer. For the first Student Playlist, our Culture Editor interviews Joss Clarke, a philosophy student with self described ‘eclectic’ taste.


To get an idea of Joss as a person, or to see whether you think your music tastes will coincide, here is a brief interview:


1. Where are you from and what year are you in?
” I’m a fourth year from York. ”


2. What do you study and why do you like what you study?
” I study single honours Philosophy now, but did quite a few biology modules in first and second year. I like Philosophy because it gives you the opportunity to explore questions you have always (intuitively) wanted to know the answers to. Working these answers out seems like a good way to spend your time ”


3. What was the first album you bought?
” The Suburbs by Arcade Fire ”


4. Try and describe your music taste in one sentence/phrase:
” Eclectic ”


5. Who has most influenced your music taste and why?
” My mum, she liked 70s rock – Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen mainly – it was always on in the house so I became familiar with it when I was quite young, and still enjoy listening to it.


6. Is there a song on your playlist that particularly stands out/is close to being your favourite?
” Changes every time I look at it – at this moment, it is ‘Real Love’.


7. When do you generally listen to music?
” Walking and writing (but not when reading). It might seem like an unusual choice, but I also listen to First Aid Kit when working out. ”


8. Are there any new artists you have come across recently that you would recommend?
” ‘Middle America’ by Stephen Malkmus (has a great voice and intro), ‘since you were not mine’ by She Drew The Gun (for its interesting lyrics) ”


9. What was the last song you listened to?
” Father John Misty – Chateau Lobby ”


10. If you were cast away to a mythical island, and could take five tracks and one book, what would they be?
Heroes – David Bowie
Father and Son – Kat Stevens
Blood Brothers – Bruce Springsteen
Against the Wind – Bob Seger
Take me on – Aha

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And now for the Playlist…

1. Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen

2. Real Love Baby – Farther John Misty

3. Masterpiece – Big Thief

4. In the Hearts of Men – First Aid Kit.

5. Pictures of You – The Cure

6. Empty Room – Arcade Fire.

7. How you like me now? – The Heavy

8. Up all night – Razorlight

9. Just for tonight – One Night Only

10. Train in Vain – The Clash

11. Something Good – Alt-J

12. I Got You – Jack Johnson.