Staff writer Matthew Midgett previews Bacchanalia, back again after a rousing success last year. 



It was a festival to honour the god Bacchus, god of ecstasy. Ecstasy in the way the Greeks meant it, to ‘be transported outside oneself.’ The festival freed people from the constraints of their daily lives through intoxication, madness and artistic expression. It was a night to drink, dance, listen, taste and feel. It was a Bacchanalia. On March 9th, this ancient festival, and the idea of what a St Andrews Ball can be, will be reimagined in Younger Hall.


In the spirit of Bacchus, the ‘liberator,’ anything and everything goes at Bacchanalia Reimagined. Tutu or tuxedo, dungarees or a dress, it will be a night in which creative expression is celebrated. The spaciousness of Younger Hall will allow various forms of entertainment to happen simultaneously. Acapella, jazz, choir, and a DJ will accompany any style of dancing. Tarot readings, stand up comedy, dance performances and ‘sensory experience rooms,’ will all serve to transport people ‘outside oneself.’ Alcohol will also help achieve this state ecstasy. While red wine was the traditional drink of choice, drinks from the union bar menu and free whiskey from Kingsbarns Distillery will be available too.


With tickets at only 16 pounds take a risk on this risky event which is guaranteed to have something for everyone and offers something new to the St Andrews social calendar.