We speak to the team staging Shakespeare’s classic comedy Twelfth Night as part of On The Rocks. 


What makes this event unique?

It’s the first independent student-run Byre production!


What was the inspiration behind putting on this event/show?

We all really love the play and we wanted a chance to have a little bit of fun. Ensemble shows are great because you get to show off a wide variety of talented people and that’s exactly what we’re doing with this show. Honestly, we just really wanted a show that would make us laugh in rehearsals, which this has done so far. 


What should people be looking for?

Shakespeare!  Disguise!  Crime!  Swordplay!  Drunkenness!  Cardboard boxes!  Shipwrecks!  Live music!  Nebulous gender dynamics!


What challenges have you faced?

Running any student-funded show is a challenge, let alone one in the Byre.  It took us many failed tries and late-night discussions to get this thing on the road at all.  We have to thank OTR for letting us do this, and for some logistics magic to make it a reality.


 What three words best sum up your show?

At the very beginning of this production, Olli had three words to describe the publicity angle for the show: SHIP, VEIL and BOOZE.  All these things are still in the show, so I guess that sums it up.


Twelfth Night is being staged at The Byre on 12th and 13th April 7.30

Carla van der Sluijs

Photos by Sasha Mann