In ‘an evening of jazz and doodles,’ Musical Sketches, a live jazz performance, will celebrate the fusion of music and art, with the opportunity to sketch along to the tunes. We speak to the theme behind the event: 

What makes this event unique?

We feel that the little bit of history our event provides into the combination of art and jazz will be really special, and that the atmosphere will be really pleasant.

Why did you choose your venue?

We felt that the ambience of a pub would make the event feel more cosy, and it would help us connect more with the wider community. The Beer Kitchen were lovely and excited to collaborate.

What was the inspiration behind putting on this event/show?

Many of the previous Community and Outreach events included arts and crafts, but rarely music. We felt that rarely does the community connect with student music, and that a relaxed night of friends and good music would be the perfect way to do that

What should people be looking for?

A fun, relaxed atmosphere where people can relax with friends, and hopefully, get a bit creative making their own art.

What three words best sum up your show?

Atmospheric, friendly, jazzy

Musical Sketches is on at The Beer Kitchen on Sunday 8th April 7.00-10.00 

Carla van der Sluijs