A preview with the production team of Timeless, an independently affiliated dance show with On The Rocks, the fifth of its kind. Be sure to check it out as well as the other incredible events set to go up in the next few days! 


What makes this event unique? Our 5th independent dance show within On The Rocks, is unique because we bring the skill and creativity of our individual dancers and choreographers to the stage in a way that absorbs the audience and makes them part of our exploration of what it means to be Timeless. It is a blend of performance, art and storytelling as our choreographers attempt to relay what they believe is success in the dance industry through the very art form they are trying to justify. Furthermore, having many different choreographers and styles creates a diverse show with something for everyone.
Why did you choose your venue? As a smaller venue, the Barron Theatre provides a more intimate experience for the audience when they watch our performance. This allows them to be fully immersed in the movements of the dancers and feel part of the performance itself. It also provides a challenge for our choreographers who have either never choreographed before or are used to creating for larger stages. It is always really interesting to see how they chose to use the space and utilise their dancers.


What was the inspiration behind putting on this event/show? Dance is a huge part of my life both at St Andrews and out with and is something that I put a lot of energy and passion into. However, recently, I have been exploring ways to improve my technique and become more stylized and individualised in my expression of this art from. This led me to wonder what makes a dancer good, great even, and what makes them stand out in a generation much more in tune with the arts. From this, I wanted to use this show to start exploring this idea. I don’t think we will ever be able to pin point an answer especially as I expect that everyone will have a different opinion on what makes a dancer “Timeless”. But it is an exciting and interesting experience to start exploring this concept with my choreographers to see what they come up with!


What should people be looking for? People should be looking for a performance that engages them in dance as a sport and an art form while also highlighting how and why dance has been a part of human culture throughout time. The styles performed will give the audience an exciting and refreshing understanding of the fluidity and diversity within dance while also showcasing themes of time, success and trends.


What challenges have you faced?  The most difficult part about this show is allowing my choreographers to explore the limits of their concept and be as creative as they like while maintaining a cohesive show. This can be especially problematic due to the range of styles involved in this production, however, I think we have all found our rhythm and the show is beginning to slot into place nicely!


What three words best sum up your show?
Engaging, Diverse and Timeless.


Be sure to check out Timeless on the thirteenth of April at 2 and 5 pm!