Theatre editor, Carla van der Sluijs, reviews a sketch show supported by Comedy Society at the Barron


‘Bobby and Joe are glad you could make it’ proved a fun and surreal romp through sketch comedy. This short yet lively performance featured everything from a hat sketch without a hat to exasperated parents bollocking the audience collectively. Energy was consistently high throughout, but sharper writing was occasionally needed to allow for greater laughs. 


Bobby and Joe’s creativity allowed for a varied and interesting line up. The comedians did not show any dismay or anxiety from their limited audience. They simply made the smaller numbers into an awkward humour that was definitely enjoyed, particularly during an attendance record compiled from those marked ‘attending’ on the Facebook event! The funniest sketches were by far the audio ones. With nothing but a cardboard radio visible on the stage, the choice to include these snippets was brave but paid off. Absurdities from a verbal word search to a blackout scene’s monologue had us in hysterics and wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a Radio 4 comedy programme. From the rest of the show, a particular favourite of mine was the encore to ‘A View from the Bridge,’ which hilariously thrashed Miller’s tragic ending. I also enjoyed the cringe behind ‘Happy Morrissey,’ a humorously optimistic version of the melancholy musician.


Not all the sketches languished with laughter in quite the same way. This may in part have been down to smaller numbers, which affect how comfortable an audience feel laughing out loud. However, one of the ‘so bad it’s good’ sketches involving horns and deliberately painful singing may have grated on our ears a little too much. Some other sketches would have benefitted from sharper resolutions to prevent them from simply trailing off to an uncertain conclusion. 


However, it is clear from this comedic showcase that Bobby and Joe are talented sketch writers who can find the madness in the mundane. There is definite potential for bigger laughs, and a bigger audience.

STARS: * * *

Carla van der Sluijs