Another beautiful submission to the Poetry portion of our Creative Writing Competition was Catherine Potter’s “liquid courage”. 



you slice through the darkness,

i’m not sure if i want this anymore.

you’re begging

each one a prick in my stomach


get away





i’ll make it good…

make it good

for you…




what am I saying

i don’t want this

this is not my bravery






liquid courage

harnesses the mouth

this is the last thing i wanted

but now it supposes i want it

tastes like 40%

that speaks for itself

an okay where a yes couldn’t exist

and you believed it


bruises and

regret and




there’s a gap

i’m not sure where

but it’s not stitching back together

he’s cut it apart and liquid courage floods through


i’m floating above myself

what’s he doing

what’s he doing

what’s he doing

what’s he doing


i turn over i’m only 18

a trace of my side in an almost




gone girl

he’s gone it’s not your fault


ash and blur

a morning space

thank god

i can barely face myself


hollowness isn’t that?

tastes like sharp burn and smoke,

a pounding headache,

a scarf meticulously covering

blooming purple for days


questions will just make it worse


a laugh three days later

rushes through

holes in my chest



it wasn’t my fault

it wasn’t

at the end of the day

i didn’t want it

but it spoke for me didn’t it?


and he believed it?



but i thought i did too

and then i thought

i had the courage

to say no


liquid couldn’t even give me that.


Catherine Potter