Our new politics editor implores political journalists to write for us, question everythign and think critically

There is a favorite quote of mine by the French writer Voltaire in which he says: “Writing is the painting of the voice”.  This quote has proved to be true for me, as I have realized my unique way and style of saying things by writing. Writing on political issues made me realize my political alignment and beliefs.

I am Satyajit Monahan from India; a second year student studying Economics and International Relations. I will be your Political Editor for this year.

In the post-truth era where blatant falsehood and fake news is propagated, it is normal for one to distance himself/herself from political journalism. The thought that politics is considered to be devious and manipulative and that one should distance oneself from writing on it seems oblivious. Political journalism genuinely empowers one to ask questions, scrutinize policy decisions and most of all hold the public officials and politicians accountable for their actions. I have been writing for The Tribe for a year and I also write for my blog called The Perspective. My articles pertain to International affairs and a majority of them are on Indian affairs.

In my observation, the tenets of journalism are under serious threat for the past five to ten years. At a time such as this, we at The Tribe intend to uphold its principles with utmost integrity.

My vision is inclusive journalism, where diverse sets of issues pertinent to a wide range of countries are covered. From Malta in Europe to Maldives in Asia, every country is equally important. Our goal should be to write on new, interesting and impactful issues world over and not only on issues pertaining to the mainstream countries such as the US or the UK.

How does this work?

  1. You send your articles to me by e-mail.
  2. I would initially edit them and would send it to my colleague for approval.
  3. It will later then be published online.

However, I assure you that the publication would be quick and flexible.

I invite you to the The Tribe family to share our vision of inclusive journalism. I am hoping you would be part of the team and help us spread our vision and reaffirm our commitment in encouraging students to write, question and think critically.

You can send articles or contact Satyajit Mohanan at politics@thetribeonline.com