Christina Riley, our new Film and TV Subeditor, introduces her section.

Hi, I’m Christina and I will be taking on the role of Film and TV editor this year. To tell you a little bit about myself, I’m a fourth year English student and aspire to a career in publishing after graduating. My areas of study usually involve literature that is doused in political history and controversial debate, an aspect which I hope to bring to the Film and TV section of The Tribe.

My culminating year now sees me taking on a leadership role for a magazine I have quickly grown to love writing for, and one that I’m sure I will also love editing for. I have always had a passion for reading and writing, and so I am eager to be doing both for the magazine this year, but above all I’m interested in reading your submissions and getting a good feel for each individual as a writer.

My aim is to recruit a team of inspired and motivated writers who I plan to work closely with to produce critical, and potentially thought-provoking pieces. One of the things I love about film and TV is its ability to adapt to our social and political climates at a quick pace, thus I am excited for both myself and my team to analyse this in more depth. However, while my role means I will be throwing around ideas and articles I would like to be written, I’m eager to hear new ideas which will help to express your individual style and flare. As a writer our best skill is to always keep our integrity, and this means to give our honest opinions whilst being aware of personal bias. The Tribe’s diversity is one of the characteristics that drew me to it; therefore, I hope a spectrum of interests and opinions will produce a compelling, juxtaposing section of the magazine open to debate amongst its writers and readers alike.

As a team leader I want to be involved and approachable; to foster strong relationships with my writers I plan to attend The Tribe’s meet and greet sessions, and possibly plan outings to our local cinema. As writers we open ourselves up to criticism and this isn’t always an easy step to take so I want to make this as fun and exciting as I can. Seeing my writing published throughout my time at St Andrews has been extremely rewarding and I am thrilled to now be a part of the editing process. I hope I can now help with your journeys into student journalism in the same ways previous members of The Tribe have encouraged me. Whether writing only one piece per year or a weekly veteran I look forward to working with you all in the future and producing great pieces of work.

To join our group of Film and TV of writers, you can contact Christina at