Our Lifestyle Editor Rachel Abreu offers some advice for how to write about Lifestyle.

Hi, it’s me again. If my name seems familiar, it might be because I’m back for another year as the Lifestyle Editor for The Tribe. If you haven’t come across me before, my name is Rachel Abreu and I’ll be managing the Lifestyle sections – Events, Food, Fashion, On The Road, and Love, Sex and Relationships – for the upcoming school year, which will also be my last.

My main jobs as Lifestyle Editor consist of finding keen, talented writers who have an interest in food, fashion, travel and everything in between, as well as providing the help and guidance needed so they can produce engaging articles on those topics. A lot of the ideas and topics that are submitted to this section are personal and writer-generated, so I try not to overstep my role as an editor. While I do try to keep articles eloquent and of a high standard, most of the opinions and ideas presented in lifestyle articles will still stay very true to their writers. In a section that deals greatly with style, it’s important to me that everyone is given the space and freedom to express their unique flair.

The Lifestyle section has been the runt of the litter the past few years, and this year, I’m really hoping to change that. For a town that cares greatly about fashion and a full social calendar, it sometimes feels like people would rather be written about. So if you’re interested in sharing some new food to try, new places to visit, or think your fashion and beauty tastes are worth hearing about, definitely come write for us! And if you consider yourself a social butterfly, the events section would definitely be up your alley. The Lifestyle section is also a really great place to make your voice heard, whether you want to discuss controversial topics in the Love, Sex and Relationships section, or want to shine the spotlight on someone whom you think could be our town’s next style icon.

My quite ambitious aim for this year is that the articles in the Lifestyle section will be full of people you know. Not only will you know the people writing the articles, but I also hope that many articles this year will focus on the talented, stylish individuals in this town. So if you know someone who would be great to interview, maybe someone whose recipes have inspired you, or someone whose fashion sense you wish you could cop for yourself – send them my way! I’ll be crossing my fingers.

As always, the Lifestyle section is open to suggestions and if you have any ideas you’d like to run by me or simply want to contribute an article.

Rachel is and English student and writer for a number of publications.

You can contact Rachel with articles or questions at lifestyle@thetribeonline.com.