Our Events Editor, Katryn Kavaliova, invites new writers to come and review events and fashion in St Andrews

Hi, I’m Katryn and I am the Fashion and Events Editor at The Tribe. I am about to embark on my final year at St Andrews as an Art History student. (And yes. I obviously can’t wait to for the copious amount of job offers this degree path will bring…) Regardless of the lack of certainty about my livelihood, what I do have certainty in is that The Tribe will continue to offer quality content and a high level of professionalism for any aspiring writers who wish to contribute to our independent magazine.

The necessity of a Fashion and Events Editor for St Andrews is self-explanatory. By and large, events are one of the most prominent part of life at St Andrews. It seems that the only way to survive a semester at St Andrews is by planning an extremely elaborate ball or fashion show just to get our minds off the reality that we live in a tiny town somewhat cut-off from all civilisation. Thinking and panicking about tickets, outfits, pre-drinks etc. for months in advance seems to be a collective coping mechanism which protects our mental health during the long nights spent at the library. It is therefore why I think that writing reviews of our prized events and hearing people’s thoughts about them is so entertaining and makes me passionate about my position.

However, I think it is also our duty as a culture, lifestyle and news magazine to give equal attention to the more independent and less populated projects. As a relatively new addition to the editing team at The Tribe, I have a lot of ideas about our content which I would love to implement in the next academic year. One of my goals is to cooperate with the lesser known organisations and students who are eager to organise new and innovative projects. In giving them a voice through our writing platform, it could help them to grow and establish themselves as part of the St Andrews tradition.

Likewise, I’d like to produce more fashion-related pieces at The Tribe as this is a newly added section for the magazine which currently requires some TLC to flourish. My love of Art History is certainly coupled with an interest in fashion due to the similar visual approach they require in their understanding. For my part, fashion is both a means of self-expression but also an extremely curious way to study societal functions. I hope to write and edit a lot more pieces that deal with fashion, not only in St Andrews but also in the whole world, with a special emphasis on producing columns.

Whether you would like to express your loathing of leopard print or write a preview for an artsy assemblage you are organising to avoid writing your dissertation, I would love to hear from you!

In the words of Miranda Priestly –  my primary source of inspiration for this role:

‘That’s all.’

If you have any questions or contributions to our Events or Fashion sections, you can contact Katryn Kavaliova at events@thetribeonline.com.