Our Culture Editor is here to give you a taster of what is to come in The Tribe this year.


Hi! I’m Yu Ching and I’ll be heading up the Culture section this year. That means I’ll be overseeing the sub-sections of Art and Photography, Books, Creative Writing, Film and TV, Music, and Theatre. While I won’t claim to be an expert in any of those areas, I’ve scraped up enough knowledge from years of arts consumption and analysis to know when a writer is presenting an interesting angle worth publishing. Since The Tribe will be regularly churning out articles once the new academic year starts up again, this is a fine time to explain what my role involves and explain how our readers and contributors factor into the vitality of the Culture section.


Out of our three main sections (Culture, Lifestyle and News), the Culture section is the biggest as The Tribe was first founded with the idea of providing an independent platform for the Arts in our small student community. There’s a lot happening under that umbrella to be written about, something I’ve learnt from my role as Art and Photography Editor for the past year. This is a currently vacant role, by the way, so it’s your lucky day if you’re passionate about everything art-related and eager to join our team! Email culture@thetribeonline.com to apply.


My job as the Culture Editor is essentially to make sure each sub-section is regularly producing high-quality, interesting and relevant content. To do that, I’ll be meeting with all the editors to discuss ideas, not only their own but also ideas pitched to them by writers, including anyone wanting to write a one-time article about a book, issue, film, play or whatever it is that they’re especially passionate about. Thankfully some of the sub-sections are pretty established (the Theatre section in particular is a well-oiled reviewing machine) and will usually only require my proof-reading skills.


One thing I like about writing for The Tribe is that there’s a lot of freedom when it comes to the subjects you want to write about. For example, I knew a lot of talented artsy people around town who deserved recognition for their work, so I created the “Meet the Artist” series to partially demystify what actually goes on in the arts scene in St Andrews. A fun series called “Student Playlists” in the Music section also works to the same effect, giving a glimpse into the diverse music tastes of our student population. Of course, as with writing contributions, we also place a lot of emphasis on other creative submissions. The quantity and quality of works submitted to our art, photography and creative writing competition last year speaks for itself, and we will continue to spotlight a selection of curated student works.


We like to write about people and works specific to our student community, but ultimately we aim to strike a balance by also producing content that touch upon widely relevant topics in the mediascape. This type of article is already a staple of the Books and Film/TV sections – check out a piece on Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nobel win and an interview with Love, Simon’s co-producer as prime examples. For the coming year, I’m hoping to maintain a balanced diet of articles for our readers, varying from short, sweet and light-hearted to hard-hitting, controversial and thought-provoking. The Culture section will only thrive with the help of passionate contributors and engaged readers. So if you’d like to use The Tribe to get your voice out there, don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our editors!


With any questions or article submissions, you can get in touch with Yu Ching at culture@thetribeonline.com