Our Film and TV Editor Christina Riley reviews the Filmmakers’ Society’s Freshers Showcase.

As part of the Freshers’ Week program, the Filmmakers’ Society showcased an array of works from the last year, including Isla, winner of three categories in the 2018 St Andrews Film Festival. Displaying a range of short films ranging from simple comedies to complex narratives, the society presented an inclusive show which celebrated beginners and more experienced filmmakers alike with their host of styles.

Isla was a stand-out winner among its counterparts. The filming and finish was to a professional standard. The smooth transitions from reality to escapist dreams were exquisite, with dramatic use of music, making the film flow throughout. From acting to production, it was believable and entertaining, making use of dark and base humour to convey the main character Isla’s visceral frustrations.

Instructions was another striking film. The simple narration throughout lead its main character and its audience through a sequence of obstacles, all of which created a hilarious and enjoyable journey. Again, the professionalism of production shone through; the few minutes of comedy lead to the uncovering of an Amazon parcel, and could easily be utilised by the company as an advertisement. Less was more in this case, as Instructions was a refreshing change of pace from previous character-based plotlines; being verbally guided through the film eliminated some of the confusions surrounding 1999 for example, which tried to accomplish, arguably, too much in the time allotted.

St Andrews is fortunate in its breathtaking scenery, which most of the films paid homage to. The jarring camerawork in 1999 was particularly unique, capturing the eerie essence of the drama. At times, the filming itself was the star of the show instead of the script and the acting. The Showcase culminated with The Perfect Story, an enchanting love story conveyed through stunning cinematography and set design against the romantic backdrop of St Andrews’ beaches and stonework. The film’s manipulation of setting showed flair among the variety of filmmakers, and was truly mesmerising on-screen.

The Filmmakers’ Society put on a well-rounded and entertaining showcase. Steeped in talent, it points to new successes for the upcoming year and brands student filmmakers’ as the ones to watch – their next shows are eagerly anticipated.

The Filmmakers’ Society is accepting script submissions until 30th September. Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates.