One of the headline events of Freshers’ Week, Starfields is a mini-music festival on Lower College Lawn organised by FS. We went along to see what all the fuss was about.

As a couple of ancient fifth years who often find ourselves with a cup of non-caffeinated tea in bed by 10pm, it took a fair bit of work to recast ourselves for our stint at Starfields as hipster event reviewer and photographer. We were determined to adequately fit into one of the most fashionable events of Freshers’ Week. Dressed in dungarees, corduroy, liberally sprinkled with glitter, and with vintage camera primed, we dared to leave our jackets behind (it may have been chilly) – and headed in.

The FS Committee had transformed Lower College Lawn, with an enormous tent and stage initially seeming ludicrously huge as the space was fairly empty when we arrived. We took the opportunity before the crowds arrived to try out some of the toys on offer, a ball pit and a blow-up unicorn amongst them. These were great additions and constantly popular as the night wore on.

People were in good spirits as they arrived, and it is testament to the social institution that is Starfields is that so much effort was put into having the most colourful, out-there outfits. There were more rainbows than your average Pride, and despite intermittent rain, everyone was determined to have a good time. Though the crowds kept expanding, the space was never too crowded and the queues at the bar were never out of control.

The choice of music was fitting, and Gorgon City in particular played a set that got everyone pressed to the front of the stage. House and electronic aren’t everyone’s cups of tea, but the energy and atmosphere kept moods high and people dancing.

From a logistical point of view, the event seemed to run smoothly. I would only comment that for the hefty price tag of a ticket maybe I would have expected more. In contrast to other St Andrews events of this ilk, there were no freebies and although there were ample food and drink stalls away from the main bar, they all constantly had long queues.

However, there were no complaints from those I spoke to and the event kept hopping right up to the last possible minute. Altogether, it was a fun way for these oldies to wrap up our last Freshers’ Week, but definitely a tame night in comparison to a “real” music festival.

FS donates an undisclosed amount of profits to Social Bite, a social enterprise supporting homeless people. Text by Elliot Douglas; photos by Jess Newell.