Our first Student Playlist of our year features our very own Deputy Editor, Alexandra Rego.

You can find a link to a Spotify Playlist of her choices here.

To get an idea of Alexandra as a person, or to see if your music tastes will coincide, here is a brief interview:

1. Where are you from/what year are you in?
I claim to be from Brooklyn, but that’s an exaggeration; I’m from Princeton, New Jersey, and entering my fourth year.

2. What do you study/ why do you like what you study?
I study English Literature here. There are a lot of reasons why I like the subject (I’ve been an avid reader before I could properly move, apparently, so reading was always very important to me), but I’d say that at the moment, I’m interested in what people think and how they want the way they think to be perceived.

3. What was the first album you bought?
To be honest, the first album I bought, I stole from my parents, and it was Debussy for Daydreamers (horrible but true).

4. Try and describe your music taste in one sentence/phrase:
Alice Roberts once said something to the point of “you seem indie but you really only like Taylor Swift”. Fair.

5. Who has most influenced your music taste and why?
A close friend most influenced my music taste with some very good advice, which was to eavesdrop on everyone and everything. When I hear people talking about music (the same could be said of books or movies or art), I make a mental note to look up the album or song that was mentioned. If I like it, I listen to it until I have a proper opinion on it and then pretend I’ve known about it all along. Failsafe.

6. Is there a song on your playlist that particularly stands out/is close to being your favourite?
I can confidently say that “You’re My Home” will always be my favourite on the playlist.

7. When do you generally listen to music?
I listen to music when I’m moving. This is not to say that I go to the gym, or “run” for “fun”, but when I’m walking, travelling, working, reading.

8. Are there any new artists you have come across recently that you would recommend?
I’ve rediscovered Blondie, which has been great for the summer, especially when I’m driving. I think everyone should listen to Mega Bog, a tiny band based in Brooklyn who have a really odd, almost dissonant sound. Also there’s a band called Frankie Cosmos which I don’t think is particularly new, but Spotify said I would like them a year or two ago. I was suspicious and ignored this, but it was true…Sorry, Spotify.

9. What was the last song you listened to?
“Delicate”, Taylor Swift, on repeat, shamelessly. But halfway through I changed it to “Take Five” by the Dave Brubeck Quartet for posterity in this interview.

10. If you were cast away to a mythical island, and could take five tracks and one book, what would they be?
“Una Barque Sur L’océan” (Ravel, for inspiration to build a boat, ha…), “Haupe” (Duke Ellington), “I am a God” (Kanye West, for personal reasons…), “Fly Me to the Moon” (Frank Sinatra), and “The Chain” (Fleetwood Mac).
I would take a book I’ve been making every excuse not to read, since, knowing me, I’d literally never get off the island. So I’d take Look Homeward, Angel, an intimidatingly long book I’m fairly sure no one really understands. God help me.


Alexandra’s Playlist:

Lovesong- The Cure

Somewhere in My Heart- Aztec Camera

Heart of Glass- Blondie

Naima- John Coltrane

Blues Run the Game – Simon and Garfunkel

Cry to Me- Solomon Burke

Uncertain Smile – The The

Crawling Back to You- Tom Petty

Blue Bucket of Gold- Sufjan Stevens

Diznee- Mega Bog

Here’s that Rainy Day- Sammy Davis Jr

You’re my Home – Billy Joel

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