Following on last year’s success, the Tribe is once again starting up its Creative Writing, Art and Photography Contest – ready your pens, pencils, brushes, lenses, all the rest …

Do you like to toss words on a page? Do you enjoy the aroma of coffee while scribbling inventive metaphors in your notebook? Got an aptitude for capturing the world around you in spectacular frames? Or maybe you prefer an easel for that sort of thing?

Whether you said yes to one or all of these, the Tribe’s Creative Writing, Art and Photography Contest is just for you. There’s no prompt or theme to hold back your creativity, you can send as many submissions as you can scrape together into an email, and there will be four winners (Short Story, Poetry, Art, Photography), each with their own prize and publication for their winning piece.

Not sure you can win? Think your writing or visuals need some extra editing or work? Fortunately, all writing submissions will receive full feedback and a chance to be published at a later date (minus, unfortunately, that coveted prize-and-title).

Send all your writings to our Creative Writing Editor, Hudson, at, and all photography and art to our Art & Photography Editor, Hanabi, at

Deadline: 2nd November


DIRECTIONS AND RULES: Send your submissions to the respective emails with the subject line of “Contest Submission: [Your Full Name]”.

For Writing: Send as a Word Doc/PDF. Maximum word count for short stories 4000, maximum line count for poetry 150. Any submissions exceeding these will not be accepted.

For Art & Photography: Send as JPEG/JPG/PNG.