Our Fashion & Events Editor Katryn Kavaliova previews one of On The Rocks’ must-see upcoming events. Photo credits to On The Rocks.

Schadenfreude /????d(?)n?fr??d?/: pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

Ah yes, week 8. For most students, week 8 signifies the end of frivolous merry-making. The sudden realisation of looming deadlines and impending exams bring on those long-suppressed tears. It is also during these trying-times that a bit of schadenfreude can do no wrong. There is no greater comfort for a distressed student than to hear the likes of ‘my essay is due tomorrow but I haven’t started researching the topic’ or even more relieving is the classic ‘I submitted my essay late’. However, if you are in need of some schadenfreude but have weirdly motivated friends who are always on top of their deadlines and started revising for Christmas exams in summer, then you either need to get a new set of friends or simply come along to Death on the Quad which centres around a student’s greatest fear – death by dissertation.

On The Rocks is back with what seems to be a promising first event of the academic year – Death in the Quad. The event takes the form of a classical murder-mystery dinner and is set to take place in Lower College Hall on 10th November 2018. Guests will be invited to join in on the formal celebration of their ‘friend’s’ dissertation submission. However, tragedy strikes as one of the dinner attendees dies amidst the festivities. The remaining guests will spend the evening dining and engaging in an immersive experience to uncover the murderer’s identity.

Written by Gabriele Uboldi, OTR Head of Events, this black-tie evening will feature 6 actors who will interact with the guests while it will later transpire who the real culprit is. The dinner will also be laden with ample references to St Andrean traditions as a means to add a personal touch to the murder-mystery genre.


Ticket sales for Murder in the Quad will continue until 19th November. More information can be found at https://www.yourunion.net/ents/event/1374/.

Disclaimer: It is not known whether the murder will be caused by dissertation-related matters or not.