Yujin Lee shows you how to make a super simple Japanese custard pudding with fewer than 5 ingredients. Photos by Yu Ching Yau

This recipe is for a Japanese-style custard pudding. Sweet and indulgent, this recipe does not require an oven nor gelatine. All you need are four ingredients. Try making one whenever you are feeling down or just craving for some sweetness. Trust me; you will achieve so much with minimal effort!


2 pudding moulds or ceramic bowls

For the syrup:

60g sugar

50ml water

For the pudding:

4 large egg yolks

70g sugar

300ml milk

1Tbs vanilla extract (or ½ Tbs vanilla paste)


1. Place 60g sugar and 50ml water in a saucepan and simmer until golden brown. Make sure you don’t burn it!

2. Pour the syrup into the pudding moulds and cool it down completely. Coat the moulds with the syrup so the pudding slides out easily.

3. Add the vanilla extract or paste into the milk and bring it to simmer.

4. Separate 4 egg yolks. You can use a bottle to suction them up to make it easier. In a bowl mix the egg yolks with 70g sugar and add warm milk. Make sure you pour the milk little by little, so the yolks don’t get cooked!

5. Strain the mixture and pour into each pudding mould. Cover them with foil.

6. Place a kitchen towel at the bottom of the pot. The kitchen towel prevents the moulds from rattling and breaking while they’re boiling.

7. Pour in hot water and steam for 15-20 mins.

8. Take the puddings out and let them cool down. Refrigerate the puddings at least for an hour. Flip the moulds upside down to let the puddings slide on a plate.

Bon appetit!