The sixth most important chemical advisor in St Andrews is here for the first in what we are privileged enough to have as a recurring series: what’s in. So what’s in this month? What’s out? You can’t be caught with something that’s out when it’s out. So pull up an aqueous martini and lend an ear…


Lots of things are in this month. But a lot of things are also out.


After the recent release of the new Apple Watch Series 4, I’ve decided that Casio watches are in. Casio watches are now retro, and of course we all know that retro will always be in. These watches have built in lights, so you can check the time in the dark, timers so you can check how long your crème brûlée has been in the oven (crème brûlée is in) and an alarm so you can wake up in time for brunch (brunch, as always, is in). Unfortunately, this means that Apple watches are out. My Apple Watch Series 4 broke three days after purchase and I’m still waiting for the replacement. Perhaps next month, once I finally receive my replacement Apple Watches will be in again (this is 100% likely as selling your soul to the first trillion-dollar company is very in).


I’m also excited to announce that Eve and Ravenscroft gowns are in. They’ve been in for the last three hundred years and it doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.


Cats are in.


Scones are in.


Peace lilies are in.


Cider is in while beer is out.


M & S is in.


Tesco is out.


I recently started my PhD in Chemistry, so Science degrees are in (sorry Arts degrees, you’re out).


Jodie Whitaker, Lady Gaga and Cher are very in.


The rain is also out.


I’ve not decided about the wind yet.


Breakfast tea is in.


As is lunch tea, dinner tea, supper tea and bedtime tea. Coffee is in, but only before midday, after that it’s out.


This innest place for Brunch this month is Balgove Larder. It’s also quite in to do your shopping here, but not as in as M & S.


Mushrooms are out. Mushrooms are further out than Pluto. Mushrooms will never be in.


Spinach is in, I guess.


I suppose The Tribe is in too. For now.