Before the sun rises,

We will sit here together

And laugh with the moon.

The shadows are many

But don’t scare us as

Sand gives way beneath our toes and

Waves creep slowly forward.


Above us Polaris stands sentry,

The Great Bear gazes down with affection,

And Orion is our personal Cupid.

We sit awash in a silver glow

Our details smoothed and faded.

This world is at peace, and

We are the center.


That great orb’s light

Is stolen from the day.


At our feet the sea recedes and

Carries the sand to its depths.

As we watch the deep shimmer above and

Refract below,

The vast expanse overwhelms us.

We remember that

Our stars are just a fantasy:

We can’t see whose light burned out or

Who is still aglow.

This night is not eternal.

We will sit here together,

And weep with the moon,

Until the sun rises.

Image (CC BY 2.0) by Daniel Hoherd