I met the lovely Louise Cameron in the less-than-lovely library to pose the question – why should you buy a ticket for Bacchanalia this year? Described by organiser Louise as St Andrews’ “most affordable black-tie event”, this evening of Classical world-inspired revelry offers five hours of live music from a variety of local acts is now in its third year. On Friday 1st March Younger Hall will be transformed into an entertainment venue, with several stages and performances spread out over two levels, all for only £16.

Named after the ancient Roman festival for the God of wine Bacchus (Dionysus to the Greeks), the event offers a modern twist on an ancient tradition. Although the event is formal enough to give any other St Andrews ball a run for its money, Louise also stresses that this is an event where people can “wear what they want – and if you do want to wear a toga then you are more than welcome to”. She describes it as a showcase of the best acts in St Andrews, from usual favourites to up-and-coming acts in St Andrews. And it’s not all about the music: other activities previously included in the night include life drawing, glitter drawing and fortune telling.

Some of the acts are being kept under wraps until the night, but already revealed are The Other Guys and Uklear Fusion. You can buy your ticket on Fixr and find the Facebook event here. Louise promises a night that you won’t forget: “eccentric, ecstatic – and a little bit different”.