Art and Photography Editor Hanabi Blackmoor reviews the On The Rocks’ dance show, Resilience.

The independent dance show, produced by Imogen Carruthers, named and themed ‘Resilience’ provides an eclectic range of music and dance to be enjoyed by even new comers of dance-watching and entertainment-appreciating. From Panic! At the Disco to Hozier, from tap dancing to ballet to hip hop, I enjoyed every aspect of this wide ranging showcase. It was held in the Barron Theatre, and thanks to the small setting felt quite communal as friends and family came to watch their loved ones perform.

My favourites included Democracy by Jessica Linde, which included a satisfying cyclical choreography (lying down with decadence), with each movement clearly thought out and carefully executed. The surprising but intended fall at the climax of the song particularly hit me hard, and successfully played to the audience’s emotions as it signified setback and turbulence.

The tap dancing by Helen Yeadon was also incredibly impressive (this is also coming from someone who had *attempted* to do tap dancing a few years ago). The choreography in both High Hopes and Happy Tappy included an impressive single-legged multi-tap move, something that clearly required a lot of practice, muscular strength and balance.

Overall, Resilience and this independent dance show produced for the On The Rocks Festival was exciting, fun and communal. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and would love to attend and am excited to hear next year’s theme.