Intro to: Culture

The Tribe’s Culture section focuses on the creative scene here at St Andrews. This section consists of six members: our Culture Editor and our five subsection editors. 

Many of the ideas submitted to our sections are personal and writer-generated, and therefore, our editors take much care into ensuring that the opinions and ideas portrayed stay true to their author. 

Culture Editor 

Our Culture Editor oversees their entire section. Everything our Culture Editor does consists of boosting their section and ensuring that quality articles that are true to their author are published. They assist their subsection editors in finding writers who have an interest in sharing their voice and provide the help and guidance they need to produce an engaging article. If you’re interested in learning more about this section, email

Art Editor

Our Art Editor focuses on any artwork in St Andrews. This section gives introductions to art styles and forms, reviews art and photography pieces, and publishes student art. If you’re interested in submitting to this section, email

Music Editor

With countless music collectives and talented DJs, it can get easy to get lost in the music scene here at St Andrews. Our music editor creates student playlists, reviews albums, and profiles the musical acts for events.  If you’re interested in writing for this subsection, email

Theatre Editor

With as many plays and musicals that are put on, the Theatre Editor is never not busy. Writers for this section attend productions and review them for the magazine. If you’re interested in writing for this subsection, email 

Literature Editor

Our Literature Editor focuses on books and creative writing. Writers for this section have the opportunity to interview authors, review books, and submit poems and short stories. If you’re interested in writing for this subsection, email

Film Editor

Our Film Editor writes on everything on the big screen. From reviews of blockbuster hits and the newest Netflix Original to reviewing the St Andrews Film Festival, our Film Editor covers it all. If you’re interested in writing for this subsection, email

To meet the members of this section, click here