Intro to: Lifestyle

The Tribe’s Lifestyle section mainly deals with the social scene here at St Andrews. This section consists of five members: our Lifestyle Editor and our four subsection editors. 

Many of the ideas submitted to our sections are personal and writer-generated, and therefore, our editors take much care into ensuring that the opinions and ideas portrayed stay true to their author. As one of our previous Lifestyle Editors, Rachel Abreu, stated, “In a section that deals greatly with style, it’s important that everyone is given the space and freedom to express their unique flair.”

Lifestyle Editor 

Our Lifestyle Editor oversees their entire section. Everything our Lifestyle Editor does consists of boosting their section and ensuring that quality articles that are true to their author are published. They assist their subsection editors in finding writers who have an interest in everything social here at St Andrews and provide the help and guidance they need to produce an engaging article. If you’re interested in learning more about this section, email

Events Editor

St Andrews is never still with the many, many events that happen each week. Our Events section publishes everything readers need to know for every occasion. Writers for this section attend everything from balls to fashion shows as part of the respective events’ press team. If you’re interested in writing for this subsection, email

Alternate Lifestyle Editor

Our Alternate Lifestyles Editor writes on lifestyle beyond that of the euro-centric. From astrology to spirituality to natural remedies, our Alt Lifestyle editor is all about it. Want to contribute to a monthly horoscope? Know a natural remedy for the fresher’s flu? The Alternate Lifestyle Editor is your person, email them at

Love, Sex, and Relationships Editor

Our Love, Sex and Relationships Editor gives us a go-to guide on how to navigate the romance game here in St Andrews. We look at everything from the trials and tribulations of hookup culture to the pros and cons of polyamory, and so much more. If you’re interested in writing for this section, email them at

Fashion Editor

With the biggest student fashion show in the nation, it’s no secret that St Andrews is big on the fashion scene. Our Fashion Editor covers everything from incoming trends to blossoming icons. If you’re interested in writing for this section, email them at

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