Artist Profile: Helen Miller

Helen Miller is a third year art history student. I was lucky enough to work with her as the designer for my recent play, and she has fortunately given me permission to share some of her work with The Tribe. Her style is mainly watercolour illustration; her ambitions are to work in mental health awareness and illustrate full time.         These were created for Mental Wealth two years ago, and express feelings of loneliness and alienation associated with mental illness.      These illustrations have featured in the ‘Hometown Highlights’ pieces in Owl Eyes, and depict Manchester and Putney respectively.         Helen created these two images for my play, Clockwork. The first depicts two of the major characters on a playing card and is suggestive that they are two sides of the same person, while also being part of a game of chance. The second is more symbolic of the play as a whole, with themes of war, time and magic.Helen is available for commission and can be contacted at hmm65. Alex Mullarky