The Eating Habits of Black Holes

Izzy Hoskins shares a few of her wonderful pen and watercolour pieces.

 What did you use to create these and what's your favorite medium?In these pieces I used watercolors, pens, pencils and a Wacom tablet. I’m happy to use anything that's convenient and cheap. Drawing started as something I would do in-between schoolwork so I could hardly bring an easel with me. Now I’m just in the habit of using portable/easy media.Who or what are the drawings of and what are you trying to capture? One of those is an old self portrait and some of them are life drawing models. A lot of times I’ll use a reference and then superimpose something I find interesting on top, like the vertebrae on the life drawing piece. I very seldom try to capture any particular message. I find that if I think about what I’m trying to do too much I cease to enjoy the actual process.Where does the inspiration for the text come from?The text is just phrases I get stuck in my head. The one about black holes might be a bastardized quote of something I’ve heard. The one about uncertainty was an interpretation of a lesson we had in biology first year and I was listening to a lot of Welcome To Night Vale at the time.
 Izzy Hoskins