Glitterball: Reviewed.

Lyla Saifi on St Andrews' LGBT, black tie, glitterati-filled affair.Glamour.If I had to describe the LGBT society’s Glitterball in a single word, it would have to be: glamour. As I walked into the Old Course Hotel I was directed by the concierge to the Champion’s Hall. A feeling of class already surged through my thoughts. However, I was hesitant as to what to expect. Was I underdressed? Was I glittery enough? Would I be out of place?20:00 VIP ReceptionBeing greeted with a flood of bright colors, sparkles from every corner of the room, and fizzy champagne transformed my hesitance to comfort. The hosts were dressed beautifully from head to toe, radiating with confidence and charisma. Flashes from cameras reflected off their dresses as they warmly greeted guests slowly making their way in. We were soon lured into the barroom by mystic music. It was Ruairidh Bowen, covered in an opaque black cloth, seducing the audience with his charm. Before we knew it, boldly, the cloth came off revealing a sexy, strappy one piece. Soon after the lovely and beautiful ladies from Just So, Hannah Risser, Emma Taylor, and Lucy Coatman entertained us with both covers and quirky original songs. The reception concluded with energetic acts from Jack McMillan and the Jazzle Sisters who set the mood for the rest of the evening.21:00 Standard ReceptionGlitter, glitter, everywhere! Lacking sparkle and shine, I was directed to the face paint and glitter station where I and many other guests were generously sprinkled with a variety of colorful glitter. Just think Tinker Bell, pixie dust, happy thoughts, and flight. And that’s how the rest of the night went, magical as ever. Smooth sounds of jazz brought in a sense of sophistication and class, courteously of the talented, university-based Jazz Works. Bottles of shimmer and colorful balloons complemented the tables alongside a plethora of gin & tonics, which seemed to be the drink of choice for most, perhaps because it was one of the cheapest for Old Course standards.22:00 — closeThe night officially kicked off when Lady Gaga stepped on stage draped in a rainbow flag. Our Glasgow impersonator of the pop star could have easily passed for the real deal; I myself had to take a couple of ‘stare breaks’ to eliminate any confusion. The performance was energetic and got everyone on the dance floor moving to Gaga’s most famous hits. Being perhaps one of the most horrible dancers St Andrews has set eyes on, my moves were appreciated irrespective, and the entire crowd seemed to be having the time of their lives. After an hour-long set, a DJ took over. Unfortunately, the choice of music could have been better. He started off with hits from the 80s that seemed unending, and my foot tapping got slower and slower as the music seemed to get more and more monotonous. However, mid way through his set things started to pick up, and he ended with Christina Aguilera's Beautiful, leaving us all with good vibes. As we left, you could feel the glitter in the air, as well as on our faces. That, I think, was what they were aiming for, and they delivered. Lyla Saifi Image Credits: Lyla Saifi