Sitara: Reviewed

SitaracopyrightsitaraThe final show of St' Andrews fashion season didn't fail to dazzle, despite its problems.The last show of St Andrews’ fashion season, staged this time in Younger Hall, provided a refreshingly vibrant alternative to the poker-faced affairs of the other shows on offer. A fusion of models, dancers and actors occupied the runway, engaging the audience with a dramatic presentation of the Rama and Sita story, told throughout by two actors Lewis Harding and Anna Marie Burslem. The show opened with a dance performance that warmed the audience up, ready for the emergence of the models. The transition from dance to fashion was expertly choreographed, and the models walked with a confidence and conviction that matched the quality of the clothing displayed.The show often seen as the ‘underdog’ is planting itself increasingly as a real contender. Instead of stripping the male models back to six-packs and underwear, we saw them dressed in kimono-style outfits that were certainly more inspiring. The female equivalent was tastefully done and the models walked with a well-deserved confidence. The Asian-inspired fashion was exciting and varied, the clothing was beautifully chosen and the smooth transition between styles was polished and well executed. Unfortunately, the break between the show and the after party to dismantle the catwalk, which left guests waiting around on the streets of St Andrews, was slightly disconcerting; the mild weather made it tolerable, though this was certainly the biggest downside to the venue. The smaller size of the venue also made the event seem a little claustrophobic, and perhaps less professional as a result, but this was more than made up for by the charming and elegant decorations.Marketed as ‘Asian Fusion at its Best’, the constant flurry of movement and the chemistry between the various performers exceeded this promise, creating something even more eclectic. At times though the show was less seamless than it should have been due to various breaks, and this might have left a few of the audience asking ‘is it over already?’ However, this only slightly affected the experience, and the variety of performances alone made the two hours fly. The music ranged from Moby to Rihanna and provided a diverse, if slightly unambitious, soundtrack.The beauty of the clothing on show interspersed with dance and drama kept attention, each complimenting the other and creating a vibrant and gripping show. The professionalism of the models was exceptional, and the quality of the clothing itself was as impressive as it was varied. The interactive nature of the dance and drama performances left the models to really model and not compromise the integrity of their role; the focus on their part was very much the sartorial element. The symbiosis of the models, actors and dancers meant that the balance of ‘serious’ and ‘fun’ was maintained, and the entire show was pulled of with a finesse that all involved deserve congratulations for. The evening was enjoyable and well worth attending, and provided an impressive end to the season. Naomi Morrice Image Credit: Sitara