Style DIY: How to Make a Donut Bun from Tights

Viktoria Szanto, in the second instalment of her new column, “Style DIY”, creates a donut bun out of the leftover fabric from her last DIY, which you can find here.

With the leftover fabric from the last "Style DIY", I present to you, the DIY Donut Bun so you can have the perfect hair bun. For this project, all you will need are: the feet of tights, (or if you didn’t do the last DIY, regular pair of socks), a needle and thread. This craft requires minimal sewing skills. Don’t worry, you can’t really go wrong with it, and the result will definitely be rewarding. So let’s get started!unnamedStep 1Stuff one of the socks. I used the other foot of the tights and a pair of black socks, but you can use anything ranging from cotton balls to pieces of leftover materials. You should decide how thick you want your donut bun to be. If you have long and thick hair, stuff it all the way through and skip over Steps 2 and 3. My lovely assistant has quite thin hair, so i didn’t make the donut very thick.Picture1Step 2As i’ve mentioned in the previous step, I had to make my donut thinner, so i folded it in half. By doing so, the bun will be more dense.Picture2Step 3Sew the fabric where you folded it. If you are a beginner at sewing, you only need to remember this: tie the end of the thread so it won’t slip out, then push it through the material and bring it out. Repeat until it looks like it will stay that way. You really don’t need to do a tidy job, your hair will ideally cover the donut anyways.Picture3Step 4 and 5Since it is a sock, one end is already closed. In this step, sew the other end closed as well.Picture4Picture5Step 6Connect the two ends and sew them togetherPicture6Step 7Done!Picture7  Viktoria Szanto