Pixar Short Films Collection

In keeping with current events, the Pixar talk on Tuesday 19thas part of ‘On the Rocks’, I thought I would discuss their perhaps lesser known short films. You may remember ‘Partly Cloudy’ the story of where storks get the babies from and that one cloud that just can’t help but make dangerous infants such as porcupines and crocodiles, Or perhaps you’ve seen ‘Luxo Jr.’ the animation about a baby desk lamp and its toy ball. Well there is an entire DVD of these little treats. Ranging from the amusing dancing sheep having to deal with shearing season in ‘Bounding’ to the downright terrifying ‘Jack-Jack Attack’ laser shooting, fire exploding baby, there is something for everybody, even a heart breaking tale of a unicycle that wants to go back to the circus. My own personal favourite is ‘One Man Band’ in which two street musicians compete for a coin, with their performances becoming increasingly extravagant but ultimately competition gets no-one anywhere and the wishing fountain begins to look more and more welcoming for the coin. This film is a wonderful example of the incredible musical scores that feature in each of the shorts. Far from merely being something to keep the cinema keen-beans occupied as they turn up early for the feature, each of these shorts is definitely worth a watch in their own right. And no excuses – at an average of two to four minutes each they are the perfect uplifting revision break.


Lucy Neville