SHORT AND SWEET – Roddham’s ‘Coward’ is a WW1 triumph.

Looking for some speedy procrastination? Look no further.We’ve all seen them. Just utter the word ‘short’, and imagine them – the abstract, indie, self-indulgent experiments, all too eager to assure us of their cleverness by being in a foreign language. They leave us cold and give shorts a bad name.Shorts can actually be brilliant. Just try David Roddham’s ‘Coward’ – it’ll rock you to the core. The film depicts the plight of two Irish cousins who sign up for battle during WW1. Things open to a deceptively lush pastoral environment, but this is all part of Roddham’s plan. As the action moves to Ypres we see WW1 at its most ruthless and shocking. This is not cinema for cowards. It's moving, violent and raw.Though ‘Coward’ is streets away from easy viewing, the cinematography, plot and acting make for an extremely rewarding experience. Be brave - you won’t want to miss out. See it here at and Directed by David Roddham (2013)Ypres: where 'Coward' is set. Callum Haire Image by Sherlock 77